Photograph titled Ancestral-Shore by Hillary Younger

Autumn Light


Unframed Archival print on Canson Rag

"Look at the sun", said Weasel. The clouds that stood before the sun had taken on a soft, yellow tinge. Far out to either side the sky was lit with wisps of cloud glowing red and orange, ribbons of burning winter light, trailing into pale salmon.
"I wonder if in the country where Grizzly Bear lives the sun is setting like this," said Crow. ": I hope it is. I hope as we speak that this light, this colour, is streaming down on him."
In the silence that followed, Weasel said very softly, " It is good to be alive. To have friends, to have a family, to have children, to live in a particular place. These relationships are sacred."
~ from Crow and Weasel, by Barry Lopez.

Overlooking Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain National Park,Tasmania.