Photograph titled Dark-Threads by Hillary Younger



Unframed Archival print on Canson Rag

Nigutse La pass, Zanskar, Ladakh, India.

High in the mountains, on a less travelled path, in the region of Zanskar. At an altitude close to 18,000 feet, and not yer acclimatised, I emerged from my tent in the darkness, found my way to the river, and watched the light playing on this mythical land as the night slowly receded into dawn.
"In the brilliant distance he waits. A lonely angel silhouetted in a vanishing world. Immortality cast in granite. Head raised, Eyes flaring. Wings spread out. Rain streaming down his dark jagged tips. Fast flowing rivulets of molten silver. Streaming and colliding. Collecting into pools of eternity at his feet." ~ Prabir C. Purkayastha